I’ve been reading about disclaimers recently, and it looks like it may be well for me to have one on this blog. So here goes… 🙂 (smile)


(Not sure if this part is necessary, but…) I am not a veterinarian, doctor – pediatrician, doctor of naturopathy, neurologist, surgeon, oncologist, gynecologist, etc. – nurse, scientist, nutritionist, dietitian, fitness expert, chiropractor, midwife, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, master herbalist, physical therapist, or anything of the like. I am simply a blogger sharing my experiences and opinions and that is what this blog should be taken as. It is not intended to malign, defame, or humiliate any ethnic group, religion, club, organization, company, or individual either directly or indirectly. My intention is to do no harm. What is written on this blog is not to be taken as advice. If you choose to do anything that is recommended on this blog, the author of the blog is not responsible for the outcome. Please do plenty of research and remember that all bodies/brains/situations are different.


The views on this blog do not reflect the views of the blogging platform, those who link to this blog, those who this blog links to, or any organization, club, religion, school, individual, business, or anything else.


All blog content is provided “as is”. Neither the blog author, nor the blog, is to be held responsible for broken links, links that accidentally go to the wrong place, links that have changed, or links that for any reason are found unsatisfactory.


I unfortunately do not speak many languages. Therefore this blog is provided only in English and I can’t promise that the English will be perfect either. The owner of this blog is not to be held responsible for imperfect English, nor for translation or interpretation of content, nor for the way that punctuation may change the meaning of anything said.


For all who choose to comment on this blog, the comments are the sole responsibility of the comment author. The blog’s author will not be held responsible nor liable if the commenter violates any laws, including (but not limited to) laws in the commenter’s country of origin.


The end 🙂 (smile)

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