The Mountains

I know I’ve spoken before of my love of nature, but right now, I needed to talk about something positive to help me feel less depressed so I’m going to talk about it again!

Today is a gorgeous day! I was thinking this morning as I drove to the grocery store that no matter what I lose and no matter how hard life is, I can look around at the mountains, and they’ll always be there. They’re beautiful! It really makes me happy to know they’ll be there because it’s like one constant in my life. One thing I can count on is those beautiful mountains getting lit up by the sun, or covered by the clouds, or topped with snow. They’re strong, they’re constant, they won’t leave me. That makes me happy.


Treating Myself :)

I’m planning a treat for myself 🙂 I love nature, as I mentioned in the last post, so I’m thinking of going camping on my way back to town. I’ve been visiting a friend for a while to recover and now I’m headed back to the city, but on the way there are some beautiful places. I had hoped to get someone to go camping with me, but I decided, why not just go myself? So I am really looking forward to my own little camping trip 🙂


Hanging Out At The Park

Honestly, I love hanging out at the park! It’s one of my favorite things to do 🙂 I love nature and my city has some great parks! I usually just go by myself and just sit there and enjoy the beauty. It calms me and makes me feel like life is worth living. I feel connected to nature. It’s one of the few places where I feel it doesn’t matter who or what I am. I am fully accepted and fully loved. I mean, I’m a part of nature! I come from the earth and close to the earth is where I feel most at home.


Being transgender and not really feeling like I fit either male or female I tend to feel very out of place. It’s great being in a space where that doesn’t matter. Where I don’t feel pressure to explain myself. Where I can just be.


I also love watching the dogs and the kids play 🙂 That always cheers me up!