Comfy Bed

Today I’m feeling a lot more positive than yesterday thankfully. The weather is beautiful and that always helps. I went to the park and it was actually warm enough to sit out in the sun! Lovely!

Last night for the first time I think since I’ve been homeless I actually woke up in the night and thought how comfy my bed was. I was all snuggled in my sleeping bags in the back of the car and I was actually warm enough because the weather has warmed up and I felt really good. That was nice 🙂

It’s interesting figuring out the best way to sleep in a car. I put down my back seats so I can sleep half in the trunk and half on the back of the seats. I’m pretty tall so I have to sleep bent so that the big hump where the seats fold down hits at my waist since that’s the most comfortable. When I first started sleeping in my car, the seats where quite high up so it was more like sleeping in a recliner, not very comfortable after a while. Finally, I figured out that if I moved things around in my car, I can move the bottom cushion from the back seat forward which allows the seat backs to lay down lower allowing me to lay flatter. It’s a lot nicer this way!

If anyone else reads this blog who is also car camping, please let me know if you have ideas for comfy car sleeping!


Cool Rainy Nights

I don’t remember if I mentioned that I was out of town for a while staying with a friend, so I was indoors, in a bed, with a heater at nights. Now I’m back in my car. Woohoo! Lol. It’s been wet so far. I’ve heard that we are supposed to get a cold wet winter. Joy. At least so far I’ve been warm enough. I have a lot of blankets and wear two pairs of pajama’s as well as snow pants and a big jacket to bed! It does take me a while to warm up when I get in bed, but after an hour or two I get pretty warm and am ok.

In the morning, getting ready for the day is when it’s pretty cold, or when the cold affects me. I try to wash up in the car and washing off with a wet washcloth when it’s cold out is, well, cold! I’m thankful we’ve had clouds at least which has kept the nights from getting too freezing so far. We shall see what the winter brings! At least right now I’m feeling positive, which is always a good thing 🙂


Where to Park?

When I first came to town, I really didn’t know where I would park. The first night, I asked the security person at a Flying J if I could sleep in their parking lot. He said yes and that he would watch out for me. It was really hard to sleep that first night. I was totally freaked but I did finally get some sleep though I was too afraid to lay down in the back so I just sat in the driver’s chair, which is not the best place to sleep!

The second night, I had met some other people and asked them where was a good place to park. They sent me to a dark road beside a big store. When I arrived there were quite a few other people also sleeping in their cars there. Again, I slept in the driver’s seat because I was too afraid to lay down in the back.

By the third day, I realized I was going to have to find a way to get better sleep. I began looking in to homeless shelters, but was told that wouldn’t be a very good option being I am transgender (besides other reasons). Thankfully, someone offered that I could park behind their place. I felt SO much safer there and finally was able to get some sleep!